What is 283 in 283 ?

Despite the mood, in spite of the sickness, regardless of the cold or the wind… 
Keith Edmunds has without regard for himself… happily climbed the mountains of Scotland to raise money for the charity
Save the Children! 
They call them Munro’s and there are 283 of them, and Keith intends to climb them all in 2012! 
That’s 283 mountains in 283 days… WOW. 
Some would seem to be a brisk walk… however, it’s clear from the pictures on that many are a very tough climb indeed.

You too can follow this epic journey, read the story and feel the mood of every Munro, see some of the sights with some CRACKING images too… just click here… and most importantly if you enjoy the journey (or not…) 
please donate.
Kieth… all at Trust Global Radio wish you "good fortune" and "steady feet" in your endeavor.

“Around the World with AngloINFO”

“Around the World with AngloINFO” is our new Monday morning interview with people who know the country YOU live in. 
Starts Monday 11th July at 10am UK time, then every Monday at the same time.

So let’s just qualify that… just a bit.  When we say “Monday morning”, this is the all day breakfast show, so Monday morning to us may be either earlier or later in the day for you. But don’t worry if you miss the interviews as we will be recording them and playing them again later in the day in another show. 
We don’t actually know where YOU live but we do have people talking on a Monday who know the world we live in, and if you listen on Monday the 11th you will hear information about Canada and being an Anglo there… Listen on Monday 18th and hear all about Cyprus and being an Anglo there too. And, every Monday we focus on a different country.
If you have questions about being an Anglo in any part of the world do let us know so we can put your questions to the experts.

Grant & Forsyth chat with Trust Global Radio

Last week, for Trust Global Radio, Bobby Martin interviewed the fabulous Grant & Forsyth “live” during his morning show.

It was an exciting time and like any concert, as the duo came on the “internet air waves”, we could hear and sense the “clicks” of the listeners rushing forward to their laptops and PC’s to get the best front row spot. We have the technology to see that these days! 
If you missed the chit-chat you can
catch it again here, but remember to turn your internet radio off first. 
When you listen and watch the movie have a tissue handy, as you can see and feel the love when mother Julie sings with daughter Sophie  – “you are everything”. 
Our guess is that Sophie, with her amazing voice, is going to blossom into a little superstar very soon. What do you think? Do let us know.
Big thank you Dominic and Julie… 
for taking “time out” to share with your fans and us, 
at Trust Global Radio. 

Win an FM Radio Transmitter

Due to HUGE demand we are running this competition again.
Starting Monday 18th July, 
for one week, 
"Trust Global Radio" are 
FM –TRANSMITTERS every day on Bobby’s Breakfast Show.

How can you win one of these great FM transmitters?
Well... see our COMPETITIONS page.

Millions of Pounds to Share Out - Fingers Crossed are running their own 
Lottery Syndicate and you can join the 
"TGR Lottery Syndicate" for FREE.
Someone has to win it!

All you have to do is become a public  “Follower” of Trust Global Radio on our main page 
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See more information on our COMPETITIONS page.
Terms and conditions apply.
ps.  Please remember to feed our fish while you are there. 
You'll find them below the "Followers" box on the home page too. - is LIVE

Monday 30th May 2011, is the day that has it’s officially launch show. 
We are so excited we could “burst”! 

First “up” is the fabulous and fantastic Bobby Martin with the morning show, which is sure to rip through those internet cables around the world and spill beautiful tunes and roaring pop music into the ear pieces of the world! Drop us an email and get your biggest tune played to start your day.

If it’s Monday and you are reading this… 
you are 
“in at the start” and as they say… “The early bird gets the worm”… The “worm” in this case is a juicy FAT free lottery syndicate entry with “FAT free”… that’s got to be good! To enter simply go to the “contact us” page and send us an email with the subject of “Sign me up Bobby”. We’ll also need your contact details and a line to say why you listen to . If you include your picture we’ll pop that on the site too.  To double your chances of a big win make sure you become a “Follower” of the show and website to be automatically entered into our first free competition for a second time.
If you want to know more, you better tune in by logging into
 Winners will be notified on Wednesday by email. You could win a share of an estimated £29,000,000 !!!
Remember to tell your friends to enter too… 
It’s free to enter so do them all a massive favor.

Get lots more information and have fun by listening to the Bobby Martin breakfast show on Monday 30th May 2011 and every weekday morning from 8am UK Time.

TGR is about to launch

Trust Radio Europe is about to explode across the world as  

Trust Global Radio

Welcome to the all new website for "Trust Radio Europe"… soon to be officially renamed as 
Trust Global Radio 

We are working hard behind the scenes to get all the pages in place. The stories, the news, the team, the links, competition page, contact us page, and the SHOP too. YES… we will have a shop. You won’t be able to buy your bacon, eggs or milk… but we will have some “cool” items that you might like.

Listen out for the official “launch show” and make sure you are online so you can take part in the free to enter competition taking place on that morning. 

It’s going to be a BLAST. 
Tell your friends. 
Share some joy. 
Spread the word.

and get connected.

Roy Sturn and the Stetsons are Great

Last week we introduced you to ‘Lily of the West’.  
This week is the turn of Roy Sturn and the Stetsons.

Bobby and l went to meet our family at a Horse Show in Vrtasa, near our home and heard some great Country Music.  On further investigation we found Roy and his band playing, they had travelled from Sofia, the capital, to entertain the crowds.  Not only is their music great… they looked great too.

They are now firm friends and listeners of Trust  Radio Europe. We play Roy’s music on Trust Radio Europe, Monday to Friday in Bobby’s country section.  Be sure to listen in.

Still lots going on in the world of Trust Radio Europe... all exciting stuff.  Lots more shows coming soon. 

If you, family or friends have a birthday coming up, let us know so we can play a request or even include the photograph of the Birthday boy or girl on this ‘Page’. That would be a big surprise for them!

It is simple to do just e-mail us at and remember to attach the photo. We look forward to hearing from you.

Bargain in Bulgaria

We have just been told of an absolute bargain of a property in Bulgaria. Due to personal reasons the owner needs to sell really quickly, so the price is very low. It's a fully equipped 10 bedroom hotel and it’s just a 10 minute walk from the beach.

The hotel has a large sunny reception which also includes the restaurant and bar.  To make it even more attractive it has a huge roof terrace with stunning views of Albena Bay and Balchik.  There is a BBQ area, private gardens and gated parking.

All the rooms have bathrooms and balconies and the hotel meets EU standards in all areas including the massive kitchen.

The property is located in a beautiful part of Dobrich, close to several beaches and the forests of Batovo nature reserve. And.. it’s only a short drive from Varna airport.

At a price of only €230,000 euros (including all the furniture)  it is a great business venture or investment.

Interested?   Contact Rosie at Trust Global Radio.

Spring is Here

The weather is at last changing in Bulgaria, and Spring is truly here, and that’s very important because we live and broadcast from here.  It's a wonderful time of year when everything comes alive…, including us.  

We have a great deal planned this year, so much so that the ‘Trust Radio Road Shows’ are having to be rescheduled to next year. However, the wait will be worth it! They are going to be even bigger and better.

And… we will have some really exciting news to give you shortly.    
Lots of work going on under cover!!!

We have so many great people that listen to and work with ‘Trust Radio Europe’..., a big thank you to all of you. One of them is ‘Lily of the West’.  She’s a great artist, with a very interesting story to tell about her and “the band”.